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I love nature. I love how the sun sheds light, how rain brings growth, how snow brings silence, and crisp air creates color. I love animals and their pure joy in the moment, and how their instinct brings them to the edge.
I love yoga. It is for everyone, anyone. Everything is yoga, when it brings you a moment of quiet, self-revelation, or selflessness. Yoga has brought to me a family whom I love and a sanity I can't explain.
I love how yoga can cajole us into our true nature-all its shades of light, dark and beautiful colors-in its extreme strength, acknowledgement of self and others, and utter peace of mind in stillness.
I hope to offer a space for all to discover, acknowledge and embrace their own TRUE nature within a yoga class.


One of my favorite things is to be around interesting, inspiring, kind people who want to share, laugh and cry about the highs and lows that this crazy, beautiful life presents. Yoga gives me a place to do that. We share through our breaths, through the challenges of certain poses, through a joke during core, or tears in savasana. Our hearts get cracked wide open so the light can shine through.

Through the cracks I have in my heart, the challenges that life has presented to me, I naturally share my vulnerability and easily connect with my students. I appreciate each person’s story and my intention is to meet students wherever they are on their path. I love finding the balance between going deep and feeling the intensity of that journey all the while finding the lightness in it as well.

I hold space for my students to have their own unique experience, be it light or dark, and ultimately, my hope is that students will find just the right lighting for their story on and off the mat.My classes offer a place to be real, to have fun and to go inside. Come and find YOUR OWN authentic island to breathe and connect with everyone around you, and mostly with yourself.

Starting at a young age, Hallie developed a strong connection between nutrition, exercise, and overall health. At 17, she took her first hot flow vinyasa yoga class and fell in love with the rhythm, breath, and movement that it entailed. Hallie received her BA in Exercise Science in 2012 and soon after found herself part of a strong and supportive yoga community in Portland, her hometown. Her love for exercise and movement led her to become certified in both Sculpt Yoga and Power Vinyasa through CorePower Yoga in 2013. Hallie relishes in the strong and capable feeling that both sculpt and yoga provide and is excited to bring her passion to her classes. She is a strong advocate of living a healthy, active lifestyle which led her to start her raw food business, Nibs & Greens, with her sister in summer of 2014. Between daily exercise, whether that's yoga, sculpt, spin, and/or running, and constant food exploration and recipe developing, Hallie is a firm believer in working towards optimal health and living each day feeling alive and thriving in the world.

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