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Hallie Tobias

Starting at a young age, Hallie developed a strong connection between nutrition, exercise, and overall health. At 17, she took her first hot flow vinyasa yoga class and fell in love with the rhythm, breath, and movement that it entailed. Hallie received her BA in Exercise Science in 2012 and soon after found herself part of a strong and supportive yoga community in Portland, her hometown. Her love for exercise and movement led her to become certified in both Sculpt Yoga and Power Vinyasa through CorePower Yoga in 2013. Hallie relishes in the strong and capable feeling that both sculpt and yoga provide and is excited to bring her passion to her classes. She is a strong advocate of living a healthy, active lifestyle which led her to start her raw food business, Nibs & Greens, with her sister in summer of 2014. Between daily exercise, whether that's yoga, sculpt, spin, and/or running, and constant food exploration and recipe developing, Hallie is a firm believer in working towards optimal health and living each day feeling alive and thriving in the world.

Hallie Tobias is currently not instructing any classes.


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